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Welcome to My Home on the Internet!
After ten years of having my site hosted on Tripod, I have decided to register my own domain name. My pages will stay on Tripod but but will not be kept as up to date as those on my new domain. The site has come a long way in ten years. When I started I only had webtv so all of the graphics had to be borrowed. Check out the Way Back Machine to see how the page looked back in April 2001. Here's to another ten years! Hopefully they will not go by as fast.

Page History

Version 0.1 Expage.com site (Jan 1998-Mar 1998)
Version 1.0 Image Links (Mar 1998-Mar 1999)
Version 2.0 Left Side Links (Mar 1999-Nov 2001)
Version 3.0 Folder Style (Nov 2001-June 25, 2004)
Version 4.0 Deco Style (June 25, 2004-June 25, 2006)
Version 5.0 Stacked Links (June 25, 2006-March 17, 2008)